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The Power of Creating Positive In Your Work Environment
Train Your Employees So They Do a Great Job for You; Treat Them Awesome So They Stay
Let's face it.  We work hard and train our employees so they do a great job for us.  We train them and they can work for any number of our competitors.  Now it is our job to treat them well enough so they never want to leave.  How do we create an environment where they continue to be positive, productive, and never want to leave?  It is work.  When you walk around your environment, do you feel the success and celebration of your team?  If not, it is time to change that!  As I write this post, I wear a sweater with my company logo on it and these words: "100% Club".  This was a gift from my employer for achieving my goals last year!  EVERYTIME I wear this sweater I am reminded of my success and my company celebrating my success with me.  On the shelf behind me is a Louisville Slugger baseball bat with my "Statistics" on it from reports we track (We call them our Batting Average).  From volunteerism I have awards reminding me that my employer gave me the time to volunteer and that the organization was appreciative of my leadership efforts in their organization.  These are just a few of the types of items that mean the world to employees and will remind them everyday that you are a ROCKSTAR employer! I can help you.  Let's chat!
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